MWRPG development update

Hi MWRPG fans,
it's Massimo here.

Many asks if the project is still going and if the game will be released.

I want to reassure all of you: we are still woking on it more than ever.

The fact is we made a game which is really too big and complex so it requires an amount of time to perfect it which we did not expect.

It was naive of e to schedule a release date.

As for now I would say we will surely release the game in 2016 first quarter.

We can't dedicate much time into releasing small demo or advertise the game cause we have also our personal matter to attend with and this will reduce the time we can dedicate to develop the gam.

The fact is that if we wanted to we could have already released it: all the story of the game is fully playable from beginning to its end.

Even so, there are still some bugs to fix, things to add to make it look better and theres still to complete the post game part.

Would you be happy to play a full game which is incomplete?

Just for your eyes, I post here a small picture featuring the cyclops which will appear in the game.



MAX TEAM & DeviantArt Video Collaboration

Hi everybody, I wanted just to share this video with you. I believe this post title is self-explanatory. Watch it and enjoy!!!

This video features the complete collection of "Monter World RPG" realted art released on DeviantArt by both MAX TEAM members and the other artist of the community which are fan and supporters of the project.
Here's the name of the artist whoose arts were used to make this video:
• BG87 - http://bg87.deviantart.com/
• Christianviana - http://christianviana.deviantart.com/
• DarkMetaller - http://darkmetaller.deviantart.com/
• Eon-Sonny - http://eon-sonny.deviantart.com/
• Kirschner - http://kirschner.deviantart.com/
• FCM-Nilesnake - http://fcm-nilesnake.deviantart.com/
• TheGloriesBigJ - http://thegloriesbigj.deviantart.com/
• Zaloran - http://zaloran.deviantart.com/
• Zaqquaya - http://zaqquaya.deviantart.com/

The following is the complete list of the art displaied in the video in order of appareance:
• 300 Monster World
• A big red cyclops
• An old lizard hero
• Blazes Ninja
• Boy face
• Chaopepe
• CONTEST – Captain Dragon
• Cooking with Priscilla
• Daymio Dragon preview
• Eleanora and Priscilla - Monster World Rpg
• Even more faces
• Haunted Mine Preview
• Hotta’s faceset
• Jann face
• Junior evo face
• Main hero’s face
• Max - Monster World Rpg
• Medusa battle
• Mela faceset
• Mole World
• Monster’s Lair characters
• Monster World characters
• Monster World RPG - fin
• Monster World RPG - map
• Monster World RPG - screens
• Monster World RPG - title
• Monster World Rpg
• MonsterChu
• MonsterWorld RPG
• MW4 scrapped bosses
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 1
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 2
• Mmwrpg chapter 3 preview 3
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 4
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 5
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 6
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 7
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 8
• Mwrpg chapter 3 preview 9
• Mysterious MailMan
• New battle looks
• New battle system
• Nightmare Castle Preview
• Ninja Mole brothers
• Old Kevin
• Pirate Girl - Monster World Rpg
• Pirate Girl
• Pirate Girl in action
• Pirmao
• Pirmao
• Polar Dragon
• Princess Sakura face
• Skullo Bat
• Skullo Bat
• Sky stage preview
• Sleeping warrior
• Tanya face
• The new Ninja Mole Brothers
• The way to the Cold Kingdom
• This judge looks familiar
• TomTom face
• Two facesets
• Unexpected visitor
• Unknown char - Avoiding spoilers
• Volcano preview
• Wander
• Wonder Chao
• Wonder Boy VS Alex Kidd
• Zaqquaya 1st DeviantArt Avatar
• Zaqquaya
• Zaqquaya YouTube Channel


Links to articles dedicatad to MWRPG

Hello to everybody. This post will showcase link to many articles people around the net decided to dedicate to "Monster World RPG".
There are reviews, interviews and much more.
Have fun reading them and if possible leave both here and there your posts and your likes. 










Other Monster World fan games around

Hi, since the cretation of MWRPG is still going one and all of you seem very impatient to play it, I would like to give you links the the other Monster World fan games I've found around.

hosts 1 game - "Fantasia: Rise of a legend"

hosts 1 game - "Wonder Boy: the Sword of Legend"

hosts 2 games - "Lizardmen" and "Twinkle Tales"

hosts 1 game - "Dragon's Curse Remake"

hosts 1 game - "Wonder Boy Legends"

hosts 2 games - "Wandering Fighter" and "Wonder Boy in Legendary Land"

hosts 3 games - "Wonder Boy the Prophecy", "Wonder Boy 7 demo", and and Alex Kidd game demo with game mechanics from WOnder Boy in Monster Land"

Have fun!!!


Youtube Channel Restyiling

Hi, in order to promote proprely the game through the net for its release that will happen in 2014(?), the official youtube channel of MWRPG went under a total restyling, with new layout, graphics and videos. I've planned even to start some video collaborations with other youtubers. So remember to check the channel (the link is featured to the right) and to subscribe. For who of you cannot subscribe cause you have not a youtube account, and thus are not automatically updated when a new video is ready, I will post here again to make you know when a video collaboration has happened. Bye!!!


Old demos reuploaded

Hi, even if nobody asked for, I reuploaded the olde demos which download link were broken cause I discovered I ave still copies of them on my computer (so I had not to ask Fernando to waste time into doing so).
About the game development: there's no relevant news since the last post, we are still working on it at a good pace.


Updates & screenshots

Hello everybody, it's Massimo. Long time since the last post, right?
The fact is I had nothing interesting to tell you!!!
By the way, today I have to give you some news and informations.

1) During the last two weeks I have sent to Fernando something like 40 pages of debug documents (not counting sprite sheets). Basically I have played the game all day searching for everything from the beginning to the end (yes, the demo I have tested covers the game until its end) and wrote like a slave in order to give him the more material possible to work on. By the way, I have to write more since there's still to debug proprely the end part and all that is connected to it. So, the news is the development is proceding at a good pace but the game isn't ready yet. The announcement I gave a year or two ago about its completion was a total miscalculation of mine: I'm really sorry if some of you had their expectaions betrayed. Me and Fernando decided even to stop the releases of special small demos in order to focus more on the real game. At this point I hope all of you will wait patiently until the fated day of the release: I believe nobody would have wanted to wait so much time for a rushed release and an incomplete game with bugs, right?

2) I had even stopped to post screenshots and making videos for the same reason we decided to not release mini-demos. By the way, when the game will be ready for release for good, expect to see a big promotional activity. For now, I've decided to post some images in order to give you something to wait for. Have a look at the images below.

3) I've noticed the links to the special mini-demos no longer works except the fourth one. Since nobody never complained about I won't reupload them, until somebody ask for. Probably I will re-upload them during the above mentioned big promotional activity that will happen some days before the time of the final release will come. I have also to say that the one who will have to re-upload those demos is Fernando, so, if not requested by anyone, I won't ask him to do so.

4) Recently I have received an e-mail from the FAQ website of the game. I wasn't able to reply cause I had not used that service since long time and, frankly, I do not remember the password. I will probably close (or better, abandon) that website, since now Q&A services are obsolete. I will copy and paste all the FAQs in a read-me file that Fernando will put in the game folder. By the way, the guy who used the service asked me the solution of the sphinx riddles. I'll just say internet is the solution of everything . . . Receiving such an e-mail made me also think that nobody listened my warning about not playing the old bigger demo that some website still allows to download. If you like to play it while waiting for the game then there's no problem, but remeber its savefile will be trash cause it won't work on the final game.

CONCLUSION: dear fans of MWRPG, if you have questions about the game and its release, or if you have requests to see something on this blog, you have just to make me hear your voices. The best method is to write me your e-mails here:

What else to say, bye!!!


Not yet . . .

Actually the final version of the game exists and have to be tested before its official release. To tell the truth it exists since about a month now but, cause other personal business I have to attend to, I wasn't able to play it. Better saying: I started the test and I was able to test fully the first chapter of the game which in the meantime was already fixed but then I had to stop for the above mentioned other business. In the next days the test will slowly reprise but frankly I'm in no condition to give you any date for the release and I will like to avoid betray even more your expectations giving random release dates. So, we wanted just to tell you to be patient a little more and that the final phase of the developing is still in progress and that the game will be released for sure, sooner or later.



Hi, it's Massimo.

The game developing is still proceeding with a good pace: according to Fernando there won't be a relevant delay. By the way, as for now there's still not a definitive release date: you have to wait for the beginning of 2013 - this doesn't mean the 1st of January obviously, but that it will surely be available at least before the first half of march.

I wanted to to post some new screenshots from the game, but the images Fernando sended to me revealed to much about the end of the game ! ! !

Changing argoument, I'd like to warn all the people interested into playing the game: recently I've received a few help letters about people stuck in some point or another of the game. According to the point they were stuck I was able to guess they were playing an old (and big) demo release of the game that, against our will, is still available on the internet. The problem about this version of the game is that its savefile won't be compatible with the final release of the game: the old version was made about two and half years ago and since that time the game was drastically changed in some points, making savefiles incompatible.

This was just to warn the new audience that if they really want to play this old demo, sooner or later they will have to replay the game from start. I believe this won't be a problem for the older audience who played the game the first time two or more years ago since now it is passed so much time they won't be able to follow the story if they start from where they left the last time: moreover, I believe there won't be anyone that imbecile to be playing the game daily since two years in order to level up the characters !!! In any case the final version will have a lot of interesting new things appearing since the start of the game.